The Artha Venture Challenge (AVC) was run as a traditional competition for early stage social enterprises between 2013 and 2017 focused on India. Our objective was to select finalist enterprises who fulfilled certain criteria, and who would then receive between 9 and 18 months of business support from our teams and colleagues, after which we would help identify a lead investor and match our own equity capital (at a minimum of 30 lakh / $50K USD) against incoming peer equity, debt or grant. The idea at the time was modelled from the “Big Venture Challenge” program run by UnLtd. in the UK.

The AVC, in terms of our goal to be catalytic, continues today through the partnership we have been pleased to establish in 2017 with our friends at Menterra Ventures. [please link this to] We have in the meantime discontinued the traditional format of a competition that runs with a defined start date and deadline, opting instead for a more open and fluid ‘rolling’ application process throughout the year. This allows us to spend less effort on making noise, and more effort engaging deeply with entrepreneurs. Please click below to peruse our general application criteria and to check out the companies that were selected and worked with over the years. ‘AVC’ applicants will be reviewed by both the Artha and Menterra teams, and will also be visible to the entire investor network resident on the Artha Platform.

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