Artha Impact is the impact investing arm of Rianta Capital, a dedicated advisor to the Singh Family Trusts.

Since 2007 our initiative has focused on alleviating poverty and creating sustainable livelihoods in India by investing in early-stage impact-focused businesses.

We hold a diverse portfolio of direct investments and a handful of impact funds; our sectors of focus include the agriculture, healthcare, education and energy sectors. Through a platform developed in conjunction with our affiliate company Artha Networks Inc., we support high impact social businesses globally, building networks and convening our peers in a virtual network.

The platform combines a workflow, marketplace and social network tool aimed not only at greater visibility and more effective collaboration between impact investors, donors, support organisations and service providers, but also focuses on the reduction of transaction costs, a key driver to attaining the Sustainable Development Goals.

The heart of our initiative is to support employment creation and provision of essential services to impoverished communities that have suffered from limited access to basics like education, healthcare, clean water, sanitation and livelihood opportunities. Artha Impact has already touched the lives of millions living in India today.