The 2015 Impact Report is all about the hard-working individuals who drive large-scale social change in the countries we work in. Thanks to the tremendous effort of YSB entrepreneurs, over 800.000 people now have access to vital services like safe drinking water, access to health care, education or clean energy.

Inside this report, you will find many inspiring stories about social businesses like Impact Water, who provide clean water to almost half a million school-children in Uganda, or like DIGO, who already serve over 50.000 low-income clients with affordable sanitation products in Haiti. Although 2015 has been a milestone year for YSB, there are still millions of underserved people in emerging economies, who deserve access to health-care, education, fair jobs and clean energy. YBS will continue to grow game-changing entrepreneurs and encourage you to join us on that exciting journey!

File Name: YSB 2015 Impact Report