Justrojgar is to receive an equity investment from Upaya Social Ventures to build resources and expertise to connect India’s poorest to the service sector jobs market.

Justrojgar works to create employment in the service industry by supporting job seekers and linking them to employers.  It provides employment solutions through a combination of ICT training and on-the-ground partnerships with government, NGOs, corporates, industries, and microfinance institutions.  Justrojgar incorporated in 2010 and has placed 1,500 poorly ediucated individuals into employment in and around Delhi.

“This strategic partnership will afford Justrojgar the resources and expertise needed to connect those living in extreme poverty with an ever-expanding array of opportunities in the service sector,” said Ajaya Mohapatra, Managing Director of Techpeople, the parent company of Justrojgar. “Together we are working to ensure rojgar (jobs) for the poor in a way that is just and equitable for all,” said Mohapatra.

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