In seeking to promote organic farming in Gujarat, inmates in a Western Gujarati prison are being trained in organic cultivation including the production of organic manure. The prison project will begin by cultivating organic wheat, followed by organic vegetable cultivation. India’s Sabarmati jail is all set to become a hub for organic cultivation. The inmates of the western Gujarat prison are being trained in organic farming.

The initiator of the project, who has an MBA in Agribusiness management, wanted to start organic farming in the state and got in touch with the prison authorities. They agreed to let him start the project from their premises.

[Siddharth Jaiswal, Project Creator]:
“We wanted to start a revolution in the state for organic cultivation which is sustainable in the long run.”

He is working with the inmates to produce organic manure from earthworms thats rich in minerals and nutritional value.

The inmates at the prison are quite happy to learn the new cultivation technique.

[Raju, Inmate]:
“Conventional farming uses a lot of chemicals and other stuff. In organic farming all these things are not required and I can use this technique to grow crops like wheat, cotton. I have experience in organic farming and I can utilize that to cultivate organic crops on my field.”

Initially crops like wheat will be grown in the prison under the project and then vegetable cultivation will follow.