Sponsored by Potencia Ventures, IFC, and the G-20 SME Finance Challenge. On the Path to Sustainability and Scale provides insights on the for-profit social enterprise landscape in India. Drawing from an in-depth survey of 101 social enterprises in India, this report analyzes the state of these mission-driven businesses including their geographic and sector distribution, business structure, stage of development, financial viability, funding sources and key challenges. This analysis and the actionable recommendations that follow will assist investors, donors, sector enablers, policy-makers and academics in making informed decisions about their involvement in the social enterprise industry. Research Objectives 

Seen as one of the key barriers to scale and sustainability, HR challenges can range from recruitment to retention of talent.  This  study  seeks  to  examine  the  nature  of  human  resource challenges  faced  by  social  enterprises  in  India  today.  An important step in mitigating these challenges is to determine whether  they  emerged  due  to  lack  of  resources  to  invest  in people processes or due to insufficient market strategies and supporting infrastructure to attract the best talent to this sector. The research explored current people management practices pertaining to recruitment, capacity building and training as well as retention. It examined how social enterprises approached the need for setting up systems and processes for managing human  resources.  Recognizing  that  social  enterprises  also aimed  to  achieve  social  impact  in  addition  to  becoming profitable  and  financially  sustainable,  the  study  explored their views on the importance of mission alignment and how founders reinforced the mission with their growing number of employees.  Finally,  the  research  team  evaluated  the  nature of demand and supply of manpower in this sector. Based on empirical evaluations of the findings, the study aims to propose solutions  and  recommendations  that  can  help  alleviate  the human resource challenges faced by socents in India.

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