Teams from the Jubilant Bhartia Foundation, Schwab Foundation for Social Entrepreneurship and Start Up! have shortlisted 26 exciting and high-impact social ventures who have moved to round two of the Award process. The innovation and impact of their models is truly inspirational!

In June 2013, the first round of the India SEOY Award 2013 closed with 209 applications from leading social entrepreneurs – the highest ever since the launch of the India competition in 2006. An additional ten role model social entrepreneurs were invited to apply through the fast track application process, whereby they gained direct entry to the second round of the Award. These were ‘pattern – changing’ social entrepreneurs who have achieved large-scale impact.

Overall, there was a 20% increase in applications to the SEOY Award from last year. Education, health and livelihoods were the most represented sectors. They accounted for 46% of the total application pool. Many applications came from East India, which comprised 17% of the total applications received – a consolidation of the trend that began last year. More mature and scale-ready ventures applied to the Award this year – a departure from last year, where they had a higher participation from early-stage social entrepreneurs.