The annual SICTIC investment report offers the most comprehensive insights into the state of the early-stage Swiss innovation ecosystem. Many startups which raise money through SICTIC today will be the digital shapers of tomorrow. In that sense, you are holding a crystal ball in your hands, offering you a glimpse into the possible future! 2021 was an exciting year for SICTIC. Even though the COVID-19 related restrictions forced them to shift some of their matchmaking activities to online pitching events, SICTIC facilitated a record number of 110 funding rounds in 2021! In other words, 71% of all early-stage ICT Investments done in Switzerland involved SICTIC Investors!
Once again, the Fintech sector made up the largest share of startups raising money through SICTIC. Their annual flagship event, the Swiss Fintech Investor Day1, offered participants a comprehensive deep-dive into this exciting vertical, with high-profile speakers and panelists covering the full spectrum of investment topics – from Angel Investing, Venture Capital to M&A. In 2022, the prestigious Swiss Fintech Investor Day will take place on June 14th – make sure you get your tickets early!

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