Indian sustainable construction project developer MAG is constructing private housing equipped for use of renewable energy resources including solar modules and biogas generators. The company hopes to create a number of self-sustainable villages, which can each house 3,000 people, and can be financed through micro loans. Indian sustainable construction project developer MAG will incorporate solar modules with a combined capacity of 1.5MW produced by thin-film solar panel manufacturer Masdar PV in the construction of new buildings in its ‘sustainable’ villages.

MAG’s aim is to construct cost-efficient private housing equipped with renewable energy resources, which will pronounce the aspect of sustainability of its self-sufficient new-build villages.

The company estimates that each village, which will be supplied with environmentally-friendly water and disposal facilities, will house in the region 3,000 people.

Masdar PV has committed contractually to supply the solar modules for at least ten projects due to be implemented by MAG over the next year.

MAG said biogas generators will also be available at the new houses, which use fermented organic waste from the settlement as fuel.

Once built, the company said the houses can be financed by means of micro loans from Indian banks.

‘India has major problems in providing a regular energy supply for the population – especially in the outskirts of its mega-cities. It is not uncommon for households to be without electricity for eight to ten hours a day,’ said managing director of IG Solar, which is also working on the village project, Yogesh Sachdeva.

‘For this reason, we construct energy-self-sufficient villages, which improve India’s energy supply and offer sections of the population which, thus far have only had a poor electricity supply, access to a regular electricity supply based on renewable energy sources.’

Masdar said this is the second project it has been implemented in India using its solar modules within a couple of months.

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