Low cost healthcare delivery (LCHD) has progressed considerably in India. National Rural Health Mission’s (NRHM) reforms have led to improvements in key health indicators such as institutional deliveries, out-patient cases, complete immunization, availability of diagnostic and family welfare services and disease control programmes. However, the country’s healthcare market continues to face challenges of affordability, availability and quality. Also pertinent questions still persist:

– Can LCHD create impact as well as financial sustainability?
– Has India witnessed innovations in its LCHD business models which can help achieve these objectives?
While many businesses have been established in the LCHD space, few have been able to tackle and address its issues related to accessibility, affordability, viability or scalability. Intellecap’s Investment Banking team examines the current landscape of market-based approaches for affordable healthcare delivery, and delves into the potential of these market-based approaches to create impact while achieving scalability and financial sustainability.
This paper also explores the scope of innovation in the existing delivery methods to ensure quality affordable healthcare at scale, and provides an overview of realities and challenges of LCHD models and seeks to identify enablers that can changes the LCHD landscape.

File Name: low-cost-healthcare-delivery—sustainability