This August The Indian Philanthropy Forum team announced The Sarathi Development Foundation as the recipient of the Dasra Giving Circle IV: Empowering Adolescent Girls grant and Dasra’s capacity-building support. In July 2012, the members of the Dasra Giving Circle (DGC) evaluated presentations and plans of three shortlisted finalists and selected Sarathi by majority vote. Over the next three years, Sarathi will receive INR 3 crore of funding from the Giving Circle. The Dasra team will also provide Sarathi with on-the-ground support, spending approximately 80 days a year with the organization, to advance its efforts.

The Sarathi Development Foundation is a Lucknow-based non-profit organization, which brings over a decade of experience in generating large scale behavior change amongst poor communities on developmental issues such as maternal and child health, nutrition, adolescent girl empowerment and education. Sarathi has created an urban model, known as Project Saloni, to empower adolescent girls by engaging community change agents. For more information, on Sarathi, click here to view the article on the Dasra website.