Evidence of greater demand for organic produce is evident in the increasing number of retailers working to help farmers become certified organic as well as the number of farmers willing to convert their land. As a reflection of this growth and in order to promote greater awareness and accessibility by consumers, Live India, an organization that seeks to directly connect consumers and farmers, recently had its first organic food market just outside of Delhi.

GURGAON: The first Sunday organic food market of Gurgaon was flagged off yesterday at the Rajiv Gandhi Renewable Energy (RGRE) Park, where consumers bought organic food directly from the farmers.

Organised by Live India, an organisation that facilitates direct contact between the farmer and the consumer, eliminating middlemen, the event was aimed at increasing awareness about the benefits of organic farming and highlighting the need for sustainable agriculture in the wake of depleting soil quality all over the country.

Many popular organic food companies as well as farmers from UP and Sonipat had put up their stalls. Ramesh Dagar, president, Kisan Welfare Club, Sonipat, said, An important agenda behind organic farming is to revive the good old farming practices while using the latest technology to ensure that the right balance can be struck between better yield and maintenance of soil quality.

However the task is not always easy. As Michael Schmid, MD of a reputed company manufacturing and supplying organic foods complains, the whole point of organic farming is defeated by long distance transportation. We do more harm to the environment by shipping or flying food across countries, than good.