Rajasthan-based Jaipur Rugs, one of India’s largest carpet manufacturers, was recently recognized by Ernst & Young. Jairpur Rugs Founder N.K. Chaudhary received the 2010 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award. Founded over 30 years ago, the company works with more than 40,000 artisans across 10 Indian states, to provide them with livelihoods, improve their standard of living, promote community stewardship and women’s empowerment, and create greater access to education, among other social initiatives. Chaudhary received the honor in New Delhi for excellence in the “Star-Up” category.

The criteria for the award go beyond running a successful business. Winners also must demonstrate innovation and exemplary levels of both professional and entrepreneurial leadership.

“Our entire team here is elated at this prestigious honor my father has received from such a highly respected organization as Ernst & Young,” said Asha Chaudhary, Chaudhary’s daughter and president of Jaipur Rugs’ U.S. operation. “On a personal level, it’s incredibly rewarding for me to see all of his years of hard work, passionate commitment and singular vision recognized by the international  business community.”

One of the Jaipur’s main goals is to improve the standard of living, education and income for its 40,000 weavers and artisans throughout India. Chaudhary’s ongoing work through the Jaipur Rugs Foundation has allowed him to grow a successful business but also the longer-reaching opportunity to nurture the spirit of entrepreneurship within the company’s vast network of artisans and their families through grassroots programs focusing on education, healthcare, community stewardship and women’s empowerment. http://www.hfbusiness.com/article/jaipur-rugs-founder-chaudhary-receives-ernst-young-honor/1