India PR Wire recently reported that Solid Solar, a rooftop solar specialist company, has developed the ‘Solid Sun-Shade Solutions’ in the Indian state of Chhattisgarh. The new product is essentially a roof top power plant, which generates electricity but also allows companies to use their rooftops for productive purposes such as Open Air Cafe or green meeting place. The company also provides services in rural areas where Solid Solar has set up solar lantern charging stations in rural villages. More specifically, Solid Solar works with 1,5000 villagte level entrepreneurs to rent the lanterns and has partnered with microfinance institutions to provide financing for the lanterns. In addition, it has electrified 5,000 rural homes through mini grids.

Country’s leading solar power producer, Solid Solar by Gautama Polymers recently launched unique “Solid Sun -Shade Solutions” in Chhattisgarh. A remarkable step towards advancing the country’s energy independence, this unique solution of rooftop solar power plant enables commercial & Industrial institutions to go green as well as increase value of their rooftop by employing their roofs more productively.

Championing the cause of green and clean environment, Solid Solar by Gautam Polymers, a 15 year old rooftop solar specialist has launched their unique ” Solid Sun -Shade Solutions” now in Chhattisgarh. A remarkable step towards advancing the country’s energy independence, this unique solution of rooftop solar power plant enables commercial & Industrial institutions to go green as well as increase value of their rooftop by employing their roofs more productively.

According to Ms. Shubhra Mohanka, Director, Solid Solar by Gautam Polymers, “We are pleased to introduce Solid Sun-Shade Solutions for Industrial Enterprises and Institutions involved in commercial activity in Chattisgarh. Helping in generating power on the roofs, Solid Sun-Shade Solutions not only reduce electricity bills but also help to use the roof as an Open Air Café, Green meeting place etc. The Green rooftop on ones enterprise is an excellent way to become self sustainable.With the country’s electricity grid accounting to 30% loss in transmission and distribution we at Solid Solar consider it criminal to waste this precious energy and pledge to reduce this through rooftop solar solutions.”

A result of seamless integration between building structures and solar, what distinguishes Solid Sun shade solutions from others is its unique ability to increase the value of each rooftop through improved roof surface coverage, high efficiency, and excellent performance. Having established solar roof top power plants across the country including prestigious places like Jantar Mantar, Safdarjung Tomb and BHU Varanasi, Solid Solar will soon complete the set-up of a 100KWp solar power plant for the highest no. of patent holder in India. “The plant will feed solar energy in a factory manufacturing medical diagnostic kits that reduces its greenhouse emissions and also act as a shade to the roof of the factory” says Shubhra Mohanka.

A rooftop solar power plant works by generating electricity from the photovoltaic modules put up on the roof and feeds it to the building for its internal consumption. A 100KW rooftop solar power plant covers 1500 square meters of roof area reducing the peak electricity demand on power grid & DG sets while simultaneously improving local air quality. When fully powered, the solar system is capable of generating approx. 1.5 Lac units every year, which is equivalent to lighting 1500 rural homes and reduces 10,000 tonnes of Greenhouse gas emissions over the life of the solar plant.

As a CSR initiative, Solid solar has taken up the task of establishing a Solar Lantern charging station in rural villages free of cost for every 100 KW rooftop Solar plant installed. These charging stations light 50 households in an un-electrified Indian village as well as generate employment. They also light up 5000 rural homes through mini grids for rural electrification of the country. It was a proud moment for Gautam Polymers when India gate was lighted with Solid Solar lanterns during the Earth Hour recently.

Solid solar is an accredited channel partner with the ministry of New & Renewable energy (Govt. of India) and helps its customers to get 30% subsidy and 80% accelerated tax depreciation on their investment.

Notes to Editor

Solid Solar (by Gautam Polymers) is India’s Largest Solar lights manufacturer & leading provider of rooftop solar power plants working in solar industry for last 15 yrs. The rooftop Solar power plant is Division is led by Ms. Shubhra Mohanka, a well seasoned solar professional and alumni of St. Stephens College & MDI Gurgaon. Led by founder, Mr. B.K.Mohanka, a pioneer in the solar industry and an ex-professor of structural engineering, the innovative solutions at Solid Solar are the result of a unique understanding of structural team’s experience in setting up Solar as well as rooftop structures.The company has several innovations and patents in area of solar under their belt. The company’s mission is to generate power at the point of consumption and do away with high Transmission & Distribution losses. Keeping the mission in mind & following it with their actions, they have set-up solar power plants in various places like Jantar mantar & Safdar jung tomb, German school, bank branches, IIT Kanpur, BHU Varanasi, etc. As India’s Largest Solar Lights Manufacturer Solid Solar (by Gautam Polymers) works with over 1500 village level entrepreneurs to rent solar lights to rural end users in unelectrified areas. The company has also tied up with Grameen Banks to provide financing of solar systems to rural end users.