New Delhi, -April, 2nd, 2012- The Ennovent Impact Circle announced its partnership with Toniic to further drive capital infusion in India’s BoP marketplace. While sharing his perspectives on the “Global State of Impact Investing” at an Impact Circle meeting, Dr. Charly Kleissner, Co-Founder of Toniic said: “The partnership will bring the necessary synergies to further accelerate not only capital infusion but much needed cross sectional expertise towards early stage impact investing in India”. The discussion was attended by Impact Circle Members comprising of prominent funds such as Lok Capital, Insitor Fund & Seed Fund as well as individuals with diverse investment experience and from various backgrounds including grocery retail, fashion, consulting, IT, telecommunications, and manufacturing; such as Rohtash Mal, Subinder Khurana & Sanjeev Kakar.  Further information available here.