As the India Office of Bain & Co., the global blue chip management consultancy, reports a significant rise in India of philanthropic donations in 2011 Philanthropy Management magazine interviews Deval Sanghavi about Dasra’s methodology.

Philanthropy Management magazine is a new journal  and website dedicated to financial, business and advisory services to promote sustainable and effective giving globally.  In its third issue it reports on the annual survey of philanthropy in India undertaken by Bain & Co.  The survey has found that private philanthropic giving in India has risen 50% between 2006 and 2011 as well as a notable uptake of venture philanthropy as an approach to disbursement of philanthropic funds.

The report explains the Dasra Giving Circle approach as one form of venture philanthropy and then carries an interview with Dasra Co-founder Deval Sanghavi on how the Giving Circles work.  The interview can be read here.