The Barefoot College Family has enormous pleasure to announces that on September 25th in New York City, Bunker Roy will be awarded a Clinton Global Award. The Barefoot College has consistently ranked within the first 15 of the world’s Top 100 NGOs. The innovations of the Barefoot College continue to challenge ideas about knowledge transfer and accepted development paradigms within India and throughout the Least Developed Countries. Empowerment of Women, honouring of indigenous knowledge and sustainable self sufficiency for the poorest of the poor; central to all their programs.

Bunker Roy founded Social Work and Research Centre (now known as Barefoot College) in 1972, emulating the work style and lifestyle of Mahatma Gandhi. The college focuses on demystification of technology and placing control and ownership in the hands of very poor rural communities. It is the only college in rural India that is fully solar electrified. Its constituency includes people who have been rejected by society or have little or no formal educational qualifications.