Technology company Bosch Ltd. has announced a 22.8 million higher education fund to promote applied research in cyber physical systems, mobility solutions, and renewable energy. Through the establishment of a research centre, the company hopes it will better enable future IT specialists to find innovative solutions to various problems such as inefficient energy use in buildings.

BANGALORE: Announcing a 22.8 million euros higher education funding for India, Bosch said today it is setting up a “Robert Bosch Centre for Research in Cyber Physical Systems”, at the Indian Institute of Science here.
This would be a first-of-its-kind research centre and would promote applied research in the chosen domains of cyber physical systems, mobility solutions and renewable energy, the company said in a statement.
The centre would create an ecosystem of research and working environment for future engineers, and support the entire industry through contract research projects, it said. Internationally renowned Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft would support the ten-year development project.
Cyber-physical systems would help to save energy in buildings, for instance, Bosch said. “The house of the future will know what current energy prices are and the local weather is like, and optimise its energy consumption according to the needs of its occupants”, it said.
Bosch is creating a campus for IT design, cyber-physical systems, mobility solutions and renewable energy in collaboration with IISc.
“With our funding for higher education in India, we are creating a perfect research and working environment for future IT specialists,” said Vijay Ratnaparkhe, managing director of Bosch Engineering and Business Solutions in India.
Under the InterCampus programme globally, Bosch is investing a total of USD 50 million euros to provide support for unversities and research projects in Germany, China, India and the US. Of this, 22.8 million euros, and therefore the lion’s share of the total budget, is going to India.